21 Febbraio 2014

SOS da Kiev


Ieri sera, dopo aver parlato con i miei ex colleghi a Kiev ho ricevuto da una di loro questa mail. Chiedono in particolare di ricevere aiuti finanziari, anche minimi. Mi attrezzerò in questi giorni per provare a mettere insieme un sistema per rispondere al loro appello. Vi farò sapere da qui come fare a contribuire, per chi vorrà dare una mano.


thank you and to Italian people for being supportive to the Ukrainian nation.

There are hundreds if not thousands now wounded people already. Hospitals are in constant need of medical supplies and medicine to save the wounded. Protestors are in constant need of food, clothing, helmets, vests. Money are needed to support families and children of those heroes who put their lives for the freedom of the nation. There are a huge number of people in Kyiv who gather money, bring food, buy things, work as volunteers, but this is not yet enough. Yesterday hospital #17 was in urgent need of the equipment for the surgeries on the head, the cost was 4000 eur. We gathered over 1300 eur in the office, so the equipment was bought. But such needs appear all the time. If you can make a fund raising in Italy, even a small amount, we – the Ukrainian people will be very grateful.

Please help. Please also help in moving forward with effective sanctions against the governmental officials who convict the crime against their own people, those, who keep their business and savings in Europe, and keep lying to people about the evil of the EU!